New ‘Dry’ Technology for Cleaning Power Plant Boilers in Indonesia

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INDESCO is the exclusive distributor of the new PWG boiler-cleaning technology manufactured in Switzerland for coal-fired boilers (and biomass boilers) in power plants and large industrial facilities throughout Indonesia.

The PWG removes ash and slag that accumulates on the boiler tubes with a ‘dry’ high-pressure (~700 Bar) 3-dimensional Power Wave that is generated from Compressed Air and Propane Gas.
The PWG continuously generates and injects its high-pressure Power Wave into the boiler on a pre-programmed, automated basis to keep the ash and slag from accumulating on the tubes and eliminate common fouling and slagging in the boiler.

Ash/Slag is safely removed and remains off the boiler tubes resulting in a sustainable increase in heat transfer and reduction in boiler temperature that:

PWG Benefits

The PWG:

The benefits of using PWGs to clean boilers versus current technologies are that they:

Dry Cleaning Technology:

Continuous and Flexible Cleaning Cycles

3 Dimensional (3D) Cleaning Effect

Lower Operating Costs


Successful Jawa Power Project

INDESCO has completed its successful implementation of 4 PWGs at one of Jawa Power’s 660MW Coal Fired Power plants in Probolinggo which has achieved the following: