Thomas K Dreessen​

President Director

Mr. Dreessen is a globally recognized Energy Service Companies (ESCO) and energy efficiency (EE) Project finance expert, having developed, financed and implemented hundreds of savings-based EE Projects at industrial and other energy consuming facilities around the world, stemming from his 37 years of successfully doing so in more than 25 countries, through ESCOs that he formed and operated in 10 different countries. His deep experience in the EE industry began with his founding of one of the first ESCOs in the US in 1981.

He was the previous President (1993-1994) of the National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO) and led its efforts to overcome barriers for ESCOs to provide their paid- from-savings services to federal, state and local government facilities in the in the United States. Currently, he is Treasurer and immediate past Chair of EVO, and a recently retired 14-year Board member of the US Alliance to Save Energy. He holds a BBA in Accounting, MBA in General Business from Lamar University and was a US practicing Certified Public Accountant.

He lives in Jakarta, Indonesia currently and has worked there for the last 6 years, during which time he created several new attractive debt products and funding mechanisms to scale up the financing of EE Projects by local financial institutions. They included project-based loans and savings guarantees with expanded credit risk coverage and the use of Special Purpose Entities for aggregating EE Projects to secure project-based financing that will reduce risks and transaction costs and increase returns to investors.

Bruce K. Colburn​

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Dr. Colburn has 38 years of progressive energy-related engineering experience in over 28 countries. His EE Project development and implementation work has included virtually all types of EE technologies, cogeneration, power generation and renewable energy projects with a wide variety of equipment manufacturers and system configurations in all types of energy consuming facilities that include industrial plants, research laboratories, hospitals, universities, commercial office buildings, military and government facilities. He is proud to claim there has never been an economic failure on a single project he has managed which is due to his focus on technical and sensitivity analysis of each EE Project’s economics.

He is a Member of the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers, and Association of Iron & Steel Technology. He holds a BEE from General Motors Institute, Flint, MI and a MSEE and PhD Engineering from Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama. His is also a Registered Professional Engineer, Charter CEM Life Member in AEE, Certified Green Buildings Engineer, Certified Sustainable Development Professional, and a Certified EPA Lighting Surveyor Ally. He also has received several industry awards that include the AEE Energy Professional Development Award, Sigma Xi Research Award, IEEE Prize Paper Award and was inducted into the AEE’s Hall of Fame in 2004.

He has worked in Indonesia over the last 6 years developing industrial EE Projects and reviewing Investment Grade Audits from other local consultants. As I NDESCO’s CTO, he is responsible for analysing the technical efficacy of potential EE Projects and facilitating the preparation and approving Investment Grade Audits prepared by INDESCO’s local technical staff.